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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 14:59:02 MDT

altamira wrote:

> Would you mind elaborating on what you said about reality being
> simulational? What, specifically, do you mean? Why would our simulation be
> inescapable? I've never seen *The Matrix* (after seeing the comments here I
> shall rent the video and watch it), but I believe I earlier mentioned a
> *Scientific American* article I read in 1974 about the unreliability of
> eyewitness testimony. This article started me on a branch of thinking which
> has led me to suspect that much of that which we think of as reality is
> illusory--or, you might say, a simulation of our own minds.

There was a popular pseudo-scientific book by Talbot a few years ago yakking
about how our minds are holograms, and that the universe is a hologram, and all
sorts of other stuff. Then you've got the more recent theories of black hole
natural selection, the idea that universes are produced by black holes in other
universes, and universes that have physical laws that are conducive to producing
black holes that produce other universes also are universes that have physical
laws that make life possible. Couple this with the idea of the quantum computer,
which theoretically can simulate a whole multiverse at a time, and you're
talking about some Universe Prime above ours where some dude is running our
universe as a simulation on his quantum computer (then there may be someone in
another macroverse that is running HIS universe on a computer, and so forth..

Mike Lorrey

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