Re: Fw: Will Florida Outlaw Naturopathy?

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 07:14:03 MDT

yeah, if Jim Bakker can't at least match what NASA and some businesses can do, then
he is not even acting in good 'faith'. ;)

KPJ wrote:

> |Can you prove decisively that giving money to Jim Bakker won't get you into
> |heaven?
> No, since discussion with religious concepts in general will not lead anywhere.
> Are you aware of some scientific method to detect if giving money to Jim Bakker
> will get you into heaven (is that his country house or something, BTW)?
> However, I believe(!) I can decisively prove that giving enough money to
> some space agency will get me into space. Is that good enough?

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