Re: Fw: Will Florida Outlaw Naturopathy?

Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 08:20:12 MDT

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> With naturopathy, its not a matter of bodies piling up, its a matter of
> money
> piling up in the accounts of naturopathologists with no discernable
> to
> show for it. Florida, with its large retirement population, has a hair
> trigger
> finger when it comes to anything that is perceived as a scam, as there are
> more
> con artists per sqare meter in Florida than perhaps anywhere else on earth.

Naturopathy is too general a term, I think. It includes vitamins,
supplements, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy & physical treatments like massage
and hydrotherapy.

There's a few people getting rich off it..(Hey - didnt the herbalife guy just
keel over at 40?) but most are hippies tryin to save the world..

Natural plant use has always been very beneficial -- herbs. It would be a
huge crime to make the selling of herbs themselves against the law, or th
ebooks that contain the knowledge of what herbs are diuretics, which ones
increase stomache digestion, etc.
Supplements and vitamins yeild things like DHEA, folic acid, chromium
picolineate melatonin,etc. supplements are polular on this list.

The problem lies with the marketing of these substances, not with the use or
benefits. Banning fals claims is different than banning the drugs.

Homeopathics like Bach's Flowers, on the other hand, seem to work in the same
way that placebo sugar pills do. Homeopathic "medicine" has never worked for
me, I cannot believe in it. Other people who are more gullible find that they
"feel" better right away.

Then there's the dang magnet heads.......

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