Congress votes on access charges:

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 15:35:13 MDT

My Congressman, Rep. Charlie Bass, emailed me today with his weekly newsletter,
which included this news:

House Votes to Ban Per-Minute Internet Access Charges

The House voted this week to strip the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) of the ability to impose per-minute Internet access charges.
Currently, Internet service providers are not subject to per-minute fees;
however, under current regulations, there is nothing to prevent the FCC from
imposing these fees in the future.

The Internet Access Charge Prohibition Act (H.R.1291) would block the FCC's
ability to impose per-minute charges on consumers' Internet access services,
when those charges are intended to support universal service. Under a
per-minute fee, in addition to membership fees charged by companies for
Internet access, consumers would be charged an additional fee for every
minute they are connected to the Internet.

If Internet users were charged by the minute when they surfed the web or
e-mailed their friends and family, it would drastically increase the cost,
and dramatically inhibit the use, of the Internet. This bill would help
keep the Internet affordable for all Americans.

It's good to see these guys can get something right.

Mike Lorrey

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