Waco FLIR Update

From: Ian Goddard (Ian@goddard.net)
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 22:55:19 MDT

>On Fri, 12 May 2000 16:20:20 -0400, you wrote:
>For those following the Waco gunfire controversy, the Dallas Morning News
>today includes the complete text of the report
>by Vector Data Systems, a British military contractor specializing in
>image analysis.
>The text is at http://dallasnews.com/waco/78737_report12.html, although it
>does not include the pictures. This makes it hard
>to evaluate the material, as the report cites the pictures extensively to
>illustrate its conclusions.
>VDS concluded that the flashes seen on the Waco infrared tapes were due to
>reflections of sunlight and heat from the tanks,
>plus blowing debris, which was essentially the same explanation originally
>offered by the government. They saw no gunfire.

   IAN: What the VDS report fails to address is
   the multiplicity of flashes in fixed locations,
   which is the linchpin of the "gunshot" diagnosis.
   In one rotation of Mt Carmel by the FLIR aircraft,
   around 20 shots can be counted in one fixed location.
   Bursts of flashes occur in a mechanical rhythm of 7
   to 10 times per second, like the cyclic rate of a
   machinegun. They are also linear and pointed toward
   Mt Carmel. The VDS report fails to include the rate
   of flashes in fixed locations as a critical flash
   attribute in their attribute comparison of the test-
   FLIR to the 1993 FLIR. Their claim that none of 1993
   flashes have the necessary shadow is just false. VDS
   also fails to offer any explanation for how there
   could be multiple solar reflections in fixed locations.

   However, in my recent report on the Waco FLIR I do
   explore several explanations for how solar reflections
   might duplicate the rapid flashes seen on the FLIR,
   and one just might do it. But counter explanations
   either fail or are far less likely explanations for the
   rapid flashes on the FLIR than that they are gunshots,
   which is further supported by whistle-blower testimony
   that there was a gunfight around the back of Mt Carmel.

   See why the rapid flashes are most logically gunshots:
   Part I: http://Ian.Goddard.net/waco/flir02.htm
   Part II: http://Ian.Goddard.net/waco/flir03.htm

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