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<< Is it just me?......or are the conclusions drawn of Plasma Cosmology
 et al.) as portrayed in "The Big Bang Never Happened" (by Lerner) gainin
 more credibility? It would seem to me that the data presented earlier in
 this thread would be equaly well explained by a universe infinite both in
 time and in space...
 I dunno about the repulsive gravity though....
 Okie City Ok.. >>
I read that book almost 10 years ago and found Alfven' theories very
beautiful. His ideas that filaments of electromagnetic streams just seem
pretty as the aurora, or spectacular as a fireworks display. If I remember
correctly, Lerner attacked Heisenberg and related Heisenberg's ambivelence
towards the nazis to be somehow connected to his Uncertainty Principle.
Lerner also believed (at the time of publication) that areas out engineering,
outside of computers, had suffered because scientists and engineers bought
into quantum physics, so heavilly. Lerner blamed a slowdown in new inventions
because the most creative part of humanity also took on the under-current of
pessimism that Lerner felt expressed in Bohr and Hesinberg's analysis of the
world. As for me? My response is: Lerner is you a crazy man? "Plasma? We
don't need no stinking plasma!"

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