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Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 15:56:31 MDT

As a fundy at the U. of Western Ontario, I kept my pants on, and just ogled
the few chicks brave and stoned enough to streak. I was a "house senior" in
a co-ed dorm on campus, at the time, and known to be a Christian. I had to
maintain the tight ass image. But the devil kept throwing temptation at me,
in the vivid, naked, streaking female images. They were seared instantly
into my memory, to be often just as easily retrieved for meditation and
mental mastication.

I wonder if the UWO cheer is still "Hard on, you Mustangs"?


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Spike Jones wrote:
> > > >[Zero Powers] wonder what happened to that good ol' 70's
> > too
> > > >young to participate back then (and I'm too old to start up now),
> > >
> > >A person is never "too young" ... never "too old" ... (what a silly
> If one needs a walker to streak, one is probably "too old." Until then,
> {8^D spike

Yeah, you gotta run fast enough to keep ahead of the security
goons...and not be self concious about whats flapping around while you
are doing it....

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