Re: Transparent Society

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 20:01:38 MDT

xllb wrote:
> Mike wrote:
> >The government doesn't know how many jars of jam I buy at the market, and
> they don't
> >know what route I take to and from work. They don't know who spends the
> night with
> > me, and they don't know who I talk to over the phone.
> Is this because:
> a. they don't care?
> b. they can't afford it, or they would?
> c. they are following the will of the voter who has SOME limits to which he
> will be knowingly be exposed?

at this point in time. Bureaucrats love power and control. If they
could, they would make every one of use would live from birth to death
in a Matrix-like pod of some kind, chained to our desks, not being able
to take a crap without permission signed in triplicate and a background
check performed. You are right that they know they can't get away with
it at this point in time. THat is not to say that given enough media
hysteria over the right issues, and enough staged or selectively covered
events, that the majority of the voters will not beg to be enslaved at
some point.

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