Re: Transparent society

From: Hamish Robison (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 23:47:54 MDT

on 00.5.12 4:20 PM, Doug Jones had this to say:

> 5) Get one of those cameras, carry the receiver, and if it picks up a
> signal, go looking for the spy camera. There's only two carrier
> frequency settings, right?

I remember watching a TV program here in Japan a couple of months ago about
similar concealable spy cameras in just this sort of situation (ie being
placed in hotels, toilets etc. In one segment of the program, the reporters
drove around a 'Love Hotel' area with some guys from a surveillance company,
who had some reception equipment, and in several instances they picked up
images of hotel beds.

In the same program they also reviewed a cheap (US$50) personal detector
that has been a popular seller here recently.


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