Re: AI: FWD (IUFO/mind-l) Robokitty and Artificial brain building

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 21:17:17 MDT wrote:
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> writes:
> << Professor Hugo de Garis, physicist, lately of Melbourne and now of Kyoto
> in Japan, fears that his experiments may ultimately lead to the
> extermination of the human race. What do you think? >>
> My response is, I think, the most sensible. That is, to run down the streets,
> naked and screaming, in last final, primal rage against the Machine!
> Waaaaaaaaaah. There, I feel better. Actually, I could use a 6-pack of
> Artilect brains. Or even one decent working one. As far as extinction goes?
> Well I am more concerned with climatic oppression, nuke war, and meteor
> strikes of the third kind. I will indeed look up the website, thanks.

I find it rather amusing that for so many years the liberals have been
complaining that mankind needs to be, act, and live more intelligently.
Now that we are attaining the ability to do so, they now shrink in fear
that it may actually happen...

Mike Lorrey

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