Re: Telomeres, mutation rates and "breakthroughs"

From: phil osborn (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 00:24:56 MDT

>From: Spike Jones <>>Subject: Re: Telomeres, mutation rates
>and "breakthroughs"
>Date: Mon, 08 May 2000 22:41:58 -0700

Well, I reread Motorcycle Maintenance a few years back and still liked it a
lot - although I still didn't agree with his central thesis, the
metaphysical status of "quality." I personally think that Pirsig is truly
in some sense as mad as he was judged to be by his doctors. But he is still
one of the most brilliant and original thinkers of our time, and well worth
the trouble to read. Check out his followup to Motorcycle Maintenance,

>phil osborn wrote: All the crew I cited - Pirsig, Rand, Fuller - etc.,
>notorious for going off the deep end at times, oblivious to how silly they
>I read Pirsig's Motorcycle Mainenance in college, thought at the time
>it was some of the most profound thinking I had ever read. Picked
>it up again recently and thought it was some of the silliest thoughts
>ever recorded on paper. I dont know what changed. {8-] spike

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