Re:Transparent society

Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 13:03:44 MDT

A few general comments and replies.
     Real/professional criminals will find a way around surveillance, if
there's money to be made from it. No technology is invulnerable. This leaves
the general citizen to be watched, for no good reason.
     Is scratching your butt in public against the law? Would you want it
recorded? How about any number of things you might do which aren't illegal, but
you still wouldn't want people to see? How about restrooms? Ought they to be
watched? Saying they're not public isn't quite true, since we limit which sex
may enter, but no more.

Subject: Re: Transparent society

Your feelings are enough to make me submit to surveillance? I think not. Also,
do you really expect a desperate person to care they're being watched?

>I would like the peace of mind that if we are under constant scrutiny that this
will in someway make me feel safer. Why
>would i need to worry about being mugged if a potentail assailent knew his
actions would be monitored and therefore he >has a high risk of being caught. He
is likely not to bother as the risk will be too great.

I say, without reservation, that if this is EVER made law, I'm leaving this
country. Period.

> On a slightly different note but very related. One thing I have thought
>about considerably is the Tagging of the general population. By this you have
>probably guessed I mean Subcutanious Data transmitters giving the identity
>and location of any individual.
I assume some people on this list are aware of internet sites which have
pictures of up-skirt or down-blouse shots. They'vebeen in the news a lot lately
(at least here), so someone else must have seen it. Do you really want cops
taking videos of your wife home to watch? I sure don't. And you cannot tell me
it won't happen.

From: Spike Jones <>
Subject: Re: Transparent society

>We tend to talk about transparent society as tho it is some kind of
>future threat, but let us look at where we are now.

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