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Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 00:04:56 MDT

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>If privacy is property, as are all other Rights, how can my property be
>taken without due process?

You have no right to privacy when you are in public. Therefore, if
surveillance cameras were set up tomorrow on every square inch of public
property that would not infringe on any legal right you may have.

>Is asserting that only criminals value privacy, the same thing as saying
>privacy is contraband?

Perhaps, I don't know. But that's not *quite* what I have said. What I
*have* said is that if your deeds are admirable, usually you don't fear
being observed doing them.

>If privacy is only to be held by the govmnt for national security purposes,
>then is it not munitions as encryption is?

Perhaps. But as with other "munitions" the government can only use them
against her own citizens under *very* limited circumstances.

>If my personal information has value, and that personal information is made
>use of, where is my payment for the use?

I would agree that if someone makes a profit from merely disseminating your
personal information, you should be entitled to a cut.

>Can the govment take responsibility for any damage that may be cause
>of dispersal of my property to those who would do me harm?

Except under certain specified circumstances, the government *can* certainly
be sued for damages it may cause you.

>If disclosure of some information that is not volunteered by me causes me a
>harm, who is liable?"

Assuming you are damaged by a tortious or criminal disclosure of information
about you, then the discloser would be liable to you for those damages.


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