Re: Eliezer doesn't want cryonics?

From: Dan Fabulich (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 22:53:17 MDT

Brent Allsop cried out:

> I think that it therefor could be argued that it is very
> selfish on your part to put this suffering and loneliness on and
> making it so hard on those that remain after you are gone. (Of course
> we could be considered selfish by not wanting you to die if such is
> truly against your will! ;) Your life may not be more important than
> anyone elses, but it is also no less important either. Every single
> life is important isn't it!? Any singularity must make this more true,
> not less true don't you think!? How or why would anyone ever think
> otherwise?

Neglecting the feelings of some extropians and risking his own life so
as to increase the likelihood of Singularity is *selfish*?

True, he chose his ends, but he quite obviously *hasn't* chosen
himself as one of them.


      -unless you love someone-
    -nothing else makes any sense-
           e.e. cummings

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