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Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 19:10:06 MDT

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<< I can imagine this imparted energy modulation or *transmission*
 propergating like ripples accross the world. One question that has stuck in
 my mind is If this collective unconscious does exist, why are there no
 animals that have perfected this comunication. After all surely such an
 animal would have little problem surviving, finding food would be easy, just
 read the mind of a fellow animal of your species that has found food and go
 to where they are. You would know where the preditors were etc etc. Perhaps
 this ability is only a recent evolutionary event and only becoming minutely
 apparent in the most complex brains on the planet. Maybe it has contributed
 to the success of mankind ?.
     Of course as you can see my belief in this link is based on very little
 evidence and can easily be argued, but I still think there is something in
 and to be honest the more I learn and think about it , the more I tend to
 re-enforce my belief.
     Alex. >>
Alex, expect em' to buts your chops on this list for holding such an opinion.
I am not sure I personally buy into it because to quote American Engineer,
Vanevar Bush, the validity of a science is its ability to predict. I am not
sure how you'd be able to predict anything that is to come. On the other
hand the notion of uncovering hidden things, patterns, ideas, and the like
can, at least, be traced back to Plato. Carl Jung also dealt with this as
you're well aware of, but despite his brilliance, his involvement with Nordic
Mysticism, seems a bit 'round the bend' for me. Biologist Rupert Sheldrake
has taken a lot of heat for his 'morphic patterning' he claims to have
discovered in nature. So you might want to look up his works to see if it
fits what you are experiencing.

Best of Luck, Mitch

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