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Subject: Mises and the Misesians

Great new items, exclusively on

1. William Anderson explains why neoclassical economists are wrong to not
call for the repeal of all antitrust;

2. Christopher Westley defends email after the hysteria generated by recent

3. Clifford Thies explains the significance of the election futures market;

4. Gene Callahan shows that Mises was right about the nature of human
purpose and that Mises's recent critics are wrong;

5. Nation, State, and Economy (1919) by Ludwig von Mises, in full text.

P.S. Stay and look around a bit, and you will discover the complete,
interactive bibliographies of the works of Mises and Murray N. Rothbard;
archives of seven publications; new working papers; full-text of Austrian
classics; a huge archive of daily articles; information of upcoming
conferences; a foreign-language page with links; news items you may have
missed; an online book catalog; a study guide to the Austrian School of
economics; and much more.

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