Re: Can I kill "the original"?

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 13:25:52 MDT

Yet another "John Clark" <> wrote:
> My question is this, how can the "old guy" be dead when you remember being

How can Jesus be dead when people claim to be him? I think anybody can be
brainwashed or programmed into believing they are anybody else. I don't see
this as scientific evidence.

> I'm not exactly sure what a "consciousness stream" is but it doesn't seem
to me that
> it's been interrupted

You are switching the old Harvey Newstrom body with a new one. The
viewpoint to the outside world is that it looks the same. The viewpoint of
the old Harvey Newstrom is the same as it was in the old body, and never
transfers to the new body. The viewpoint of the new body would never match
that of the original Harvey Newstrom unless its original memory is erased
and replaced with false memories matching the originals.

All you have created is an external facade that looks the same as the
original. The viewpoint or experience of the original Harvey Newstrom never
transfers to the new body. To cover up this failure, you require that the
original be killed, or else he would complain that the transfer failed.

> you don't think the atoms are important, I doubt you want
> to invoke an immortal soul; so what has changed so much that the fellow
who believes
> with every fiber in his being that he's good old Harvey Newstrom is
actually wrong?

What makes me "me" in my definition is my viewpoint of being "here". I do
not perceive that something acting like me over "there" can be me. Until I
perceive myself as being inside that other body, it is external to my
experience of "me". It is outside my understanding of "here". You can
convince the new copy that it is me. But you can't convince the original me
that it has transferred. The best you can do is kill me before I object
that I'm still over "here" and that the transfer obviously failed. Why does
your plan for transferring consciousness depend on killing me instead of
convincing me of the plans' success. All phases of your plan can be
completed without killing the original, and yet you require that the
original be killed before this illusion will work.

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