Re: Sasha's wake.

From: James Wetterau (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 09:19:44 MDT

"Michael S. Lorrey" says:
> ...

I had just started to get to know Sasha. I read some of his ideas on
his website, and communicated with him about something he wrote that
delighted me via email once or twice. We both lived in Cambridge and
shared a sense of the absurd nature of some city political stuff. I
mainly felt I was getting to know him the unique way you know a great
thinker through writings; you see a tantalizing glimpse of the wealth
of ideas, and in Sasha's case good humor, fun, and joy. I'm glad that
at least once I told him how delighted his ideas had made me.

> Steve, Kathryn, I, and several other people all went out for dinner
> afterward, chatted about Sasha and basically had your typical
> extropian/transhumanist type discussion. One guy was a dancing freind of
> Sasha's and didn't know much about this side of him, but seemed very
> fascinated with many of the ideas.
> But things seemed to be going so well. One good thing to come out of
> this is that Steve Witham and myself have both decided to sign up with
> Alcor. ...

I wish I had found you folks. I left thinking that I will miss Sasha
and remember him, and I will do more to fight such terrible tragedies
among my friends, any way I can. Like you, Perry and I spoke last
night and resolved to get our suspension arrangements addressed.

All the best,
James Wetterau

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