Re: Nature

From: m (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 00:10:11 MDT

--- Emlyn <> wrote:

What an interesting post!
> There can be no moral objection. The universe (or such of it as is
> unclaimed
> by other sentients) is ownerless, terra nullius. Natural Law is a
> lie. We
> are, and beyond that all is anthropocentricity. If we break nature,
> it is on
> our heads, but there is no one else who suffers.

Not necessarily so. If some consciousness exists in some form in
other (animal) species, we'll have to consider their welfare as well.

> If we don't hack
> nature, we
> die, and the mindless machine whirls on, unnapreciated and unaware.

OK, but let's try to avoid a general protection fault :)


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