Sasha Chislenko Memorial Library?

From: The Great Cthulhu (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 23:52:12 MDT

In the car on the way to the wake, I had the idea that there should be a
Sasha Chislenko Memorial Library at MIT, dedicated to hosting a permanent
collection of future-oriented philosophical texts and related areas of
science and technology literature. I have no idea how one goes about
getting a prestigious university like MIT to buy-into such an idea, but I
suspect it has something to do with raising enough money to overcome the
fact that they probably feel they have an ample supply of libraries as it
is... however much that may be. Perhaps someone who knows more about the
labrynthine world of university bureaucracy would be able to assist me in
this endeavor or something very similar - though only if such an endeavor
is acceptable to Sasha's family.

It would be fitting if many generations of smart, forward-thinking students
of futurist ideas got to read in a library named after one of the smartest,
most forward-thinking teachers of futurist ideas to have lived.


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