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Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 23:02:12 MDT

To date, nobody has successfully been cryogenically suspended and then
returned to life. As for people who've made arrangements actually making
it into the freezing chamber, I don't know the statistics. It does not
really matter, though, because even if the technology is feasible (what
the state changes of the water in your body will do to your memory and
other relevant brain characteristics is currently all justs theory, since
nobody has actually been reanimated after being completely frozen), the
current technology is first generation, so the failure rate will likely
be high regardless.

Sasha preferred the notion of uploading himself into a world-wide computer
network. Whether or not this seems more or less feasible to you, it was
his dream. He was neither frozen nor uploaded, so the only way he is not
totally lost is if we remember him and honor him and don't let the world
forget him.


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"Rob Sweeney" <> asked:
> Do stats exist on the response time between an accident, say, and actually
> getting frozen? (forgive my ignorance - but does it just not work this
> way either, that is, does one have to >go< to a facility pre-need, as it
> were).

I would be very interested in how often cryonics arrangements actually work.

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