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Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 22:58:03 MDT

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<< This is not what life is supposed to be about, dammit. The next wake I
 attend for an extropian had better the hell involve a bottle of liquid
 nitrogen. I want to say "See you sometime again." rather than "good bye
 forever my freind."
 Mike Lorrey >>
A time of grief is not a great to remind folks that cryogenics is not an
absolute, but there, I said it. So many on this list are so absolutely
convinced that Alcor's way is the only way; rather then a currently promising
venue. I keep thinking, since I have joined this mailing list, that so many
seem convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the Singularity (a techno form
of rapture?) will arrive in just a few decades, rather then centuries.

I humbly suggest that while everyone re-doubles their efforts to sign up with
Alcor, and invests and promotes nanotech to extend human life-spans and
relieve diseases; that greater effort also be placed into the area of
theories and concepts. In other words, more Tipler-like papers, more
Moravec-like papers, more Tegmark-like papers. Lets honor more then just the
memory of Sasha, and everyone else we have ever cared about and dedicate a
little bit more of our efforts into the fallacious notion of 'physics and
resurrection', and make this Fiction, become the Truth! At least we and our
descendents will have all the time in the world to make this real. Best to
Sasha's friends and family


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