success of cryonics arrangements

From: Rob Sweeney (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 21:43:43 MDT

* Randy Smith <> [000510 23:29]:
> And yet again, for all our hi-faluting and fascinating talk of The Future,
> another one of our number succeeds to nothing more than dust.
> Apparently many of those who are actually *signed up* for cryonics
> arrangements never make it to the dewar for one reason or another.

I admit to not having seriously investigated cryonics arrangments yet, partly
for this reason (and mostly due to what I suspect are the usual arguments
against: cost vs perceived benefit, and I think most likely an underlying
wariness of actually >walking the walk< when it comes to being extreme.. as
opposed to all our fascinating >talk< about the future..)

Although where I live is surrounded by world-class hospitals I'd still
have serious doubts about the effectiveness of any cryo team in getting
me frozen before decay set in - and given my age and health level, I
suspect my most likely encounter with death will be some sort of violent
accident - the stereotypical getting hit by a bus while crossing a street
in midtown Manhattan or the like.

Do stats exist on the response time between an accident, say, and actually
getting frozen? (forgive my ignorance - but does it just not work this
way either, that is, does one have to >go< to a facility pre-need, as it


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