Re: Ordinary Old Brains Go "Awry"

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 08:03:12 MDT

At 09:05 PM 9/05/00 -0400, Mike Lorrey wrote:

>BTW: I'm reading Egan's Diaspora today so far so good, but not really as
>engrossing as, say, a Broderick...

Why, thank you, Mike.

>How is it Damien, that he gets his
>stuff published here and you don't?

Well, I reckon it's because he's a Bright and I'm just a Tween. But then,
as I might have mentioned here previously, at the latest SF Worldcon Greg
Benford declared me `the prophet of Egan'. :)

>I haven't seen anything on the
>shelves here since I bought The White Abacus.

Haven't sold any fiction recently (except for last year's co-edited
CENTAURUS anthology, from Tor), although I see that my novella `The Womb'
is listed in Gardner Dozois's YEAR'S BEST 16. The novel that piece comes
from, THE BOOK OF REVELATION, by Rory Barnes and me, is one of several
books we've published in Oz since TWA came out - but for some reason US
publishers who've been shown these sf books appear adamantly immune to
their charms... damn it.

>Borders didn't even have
>you on their database.

The dirty dogs! Until a few days ago, still had American
availability of THE LAST MORTAL GENERATION flagged as forthcoming in April.
Now it sez:

Paperback (April 2000)
                 New Holland/Struik; ISBN: 1864364408
                 Availability: This title is currently on back order. We
expect to be able
                 to ship it to you within 3-5 weeks.

Don't ask me what the hell. Still in a ship somewhere? Never shipped en
masse from Oz? All a wicked publisher's plot to hold onto my non-Oz rights?


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