Re: Transparent society

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 19:56:23 MDT wrote:

> know nothing about history and the way people with power operate.

I agree with much of what you have written. The solution is not
necessarily to stop society from become ever more transparent [which
is like holding back the tide from coming up the beach] but rather to
change the way people with power operate. Such as, arranging
government so that there are fewer people, less power. With
sufficient surveillance, every act of people with power is open
to public scrutiny.

> The entire 'war on drugs' can be seen largely as
> a way for government to expand power
> while ignoring constitutional limitations on their actions.

Right! So its time to end that war.

> Property seizures/asset forfeitures aren't constitutional, and yet they exist
> because people can be scared into allowing it to happen.

Right! People must not be scared into allowing that to happen.

> Giving people who've shown a fairly consistent record of being
> untrustworthy more power is insane.

Right again Mike! I couldnt agree more. Those who are
untrustworthy with power must come under ever more scrutiny.
Anyone who runs for public office must be watched constantly,
every move, every word, every deed. Cameras dont blink.

The existence or even *possible* existence of tiny cheap
surveillance devices should make the populace ever more
wary of increasing the government's power in any way.
The cameras should then be the libertarians friend. spike

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