RE: Sasha did not have cryonics arrangements

From: Chimera (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 07:21:47 MDT

> From: Max More <>

> Many people have asked me whether Sasha had arrangements for cryonics
> suspension. From my own knowledge and by checking with others who knew him
> well, I am fairly certainly that he never made suspension arrangements.

> I feel rotten in delivering this additional blow, but it seems right to
> convey this to everyone who has shown such an outpouring of feeling.
> Clearly Sasha was loved and respected widely. The very least we can do is
> to preserve his web-based thoughts (preferably in multiple places).

...and more importantly, we should remember that though we may
talk of godhood, we're still trapped in feeble, mortal fleshbodies.
Accidents and disease can strike you down at any moment, and
when you die your only chance is cryonic preservation. Period.
It's an eternal shame that Sasha, one of the finest minds on
this list and otherwise an example to all, didn't heed what is probably
transhumanism's single most important advice: sign up for cryonic
suspension. Hopefully others will learn from this incident so that his
death wasn't _completely_ in vain.

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