Re: Our friend Sasha Chislenko is dead

From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 19:34:24 MDT

> --- Max More wrote:
> I am deeply sorry to pass on the terrible news that
> Sasha Chislenko, long-time extropian and friend of
> many here, died on Monday.
> ...
> I mourn for the eternal loss of a friend, a
> brilliant mind, and a tremendous human being.

Well, I have nothing to say that others have not
already said much more eloquently than I could, but I
just thought I ought to say that I will miss Sasha as
well. :( I greatly enjoyed reading his messages and
the many writings he has posted at his website. I too
had hoped to meet him some day; if the cryo team got
there soon enough, maybe I will yet.

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