RE: Our friend Sasha Chislenko is dead

From: Stephan Vladimir Bugaj (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 16:38:48 MDT

I am
hopeful that he was cryonically suspended in a reasonable amount of
time, and that his brain was in good shape. It would be a shame for us
to lose him for eternity.
I concur. I hope he has been cryonically suspended as well, and that
his brain is in good condition. That would be the only good thing
that could have come of his death - a chance for a second shot at life.

I am new to this list, but have known Sasha for 6-7 years on-line and
about 3 IRL. He was a really great person, and I will miss him

I hope his Web Site will be kept up, and that people can collect his
postings to this list, and other idea exchanges that have been had
with Sasha so that his work may continue to live on and influence
people to make the world a better place. It would be nice to have a
Sasha Chislenko memorial site where people could post works of his
that are not currently on his existing site, and also can post fond
reminiscences and so on. This would be one way that Sasha could
continue to live on in cyberspace as he had hoped.

I will be at the wake tomorrow. It is a very sad time for me.
Sasha was a good friend for many years, but he died with unresolved
conversations between us of both intellectual and emotional nature,
and I don't know what the conclusions would have been, and it is too
possibly that I never will. My life will be all the more empty without
his input and ideas on all the vagaries of intellectual and emotional
life here on earth.

Sasha will be sorely missed by all who knew him, he was a special
person and it is very sad to lose him.

I will miss Sasha very much.
Today is a very sad day for me.


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