Re: Thinking Makes It So?

Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 08:40:34 MDT

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> Similarly, my original post was in response to the idea that death is only
> bad because we think it is. I now ask you to stop believing that death is
> bad for the next fifteen minutes, to hold no opinion on the matter for the
> next five minutes, and then to restore your current beliefs about death
> after those twenty minutes are up. Can you do it? *I* sure can't.

...uh.... Just let me just light this incense, my white candle ...and shall
we have a moment of meditation...? breathe... breathe.... now go within...

Death is the crux and pillar of religious belief. Spiritual beliefs are
mostly to either comfort or justify the notion of death. : - )

"She's in a much better place", Immortality of the soul, journeys to various
spirit lands, heaven, a long sleep, white light, kingdom come, Judgment Day,
Valhalla, Nirvana....

Not bad... I feel better now...

On to oblivion!

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