Re: Greenpeace

Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 08:24:48 MDT

> SOURCE: 'The Mail on Sunday' May 7 2000:
> Dr Patrick Moore, the academic and renowned ecologist, was
> a founder member of Greenpeace, and later became its
> president

Thank you Charlie for giving us the British panorama. I had a feeling it was
something like that. It's good to have the full outlook. We have some
ultraconservative papers like that here too that my libertarian friends kept
sending me articles from (who lost all their credibility with frenetic Y2K
bug paranoia... but that's sidetracking...)

If someone can call Thatcher a pinko/commie...
I have story to tell:
When I was in Stornoway Scotland I met with the GreenPeas rainbow ship
accidentally while they were doing some protest work off of Iceland. We had
beer with them.
What I was surprised to find out is that many of the crew are actually
outside mercenaries employed by Greenpeace, not foaming radicals at all. They
were complaining that Greenpeace wasn't real good about paying them...

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