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Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 08:07:09 MDT

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> Also, in his _The Mismeasure of Man_, I think his goal is quite clear: to
> blacken the notion of general intelligence so badly as to make it completely
> unpalatable. This he does not only by direct assault -- which, by the way,
> he fails at -- but also by juxtaposing it with phrenology and the like.
> I.e., he tries to associate what he does not like but might have some
> credence with what is generally thought to be ridiculous.

You see, already having discounted IQ testing at about age twelve, I did not
walk away from that book with that "goal" in mind. What I saw as his "goal"
was to show how even scientists who truly believe they are doing honest
research are mislead by their own beliefs, even him.

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