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Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 08:24:08 MDT

On Sunday, May 07, 2000 7:20 PM John M Grigg wrote:
> Daniel Ust stated:
> Sadly,though TV science fiction remains way below what it could be. How
can we
> change this? Suggestions, aside from violence and destruction, would be
> appreciated.:)
> (end)
> To put forth an extropian view of things,

Not at all what I'm suggesting. I'm merely talking about one stereotype. I
would prefer we just had some decent TV science fiction -- even though I
hardly watch any TV as it is. (E.g., so far, I've watched none this week.:)

I wouldn't even care if it was vehemently anti-Extropian -- as long as it
was not boring, the characters were interesting, the plots not rehashes of
some other series, the aliens really alien, the technology somewhat
believable, and none of that stupid (hats off to Lee Daniel here for
building my vocabulary:) cornball humor that infects too many TV shows.

Perhaps what could be done is to take some actual science fiction writers --
and I don't mean Harlan Ellison! -- to write the scripts and mine the
written works -- not previous episodes of _Star Trek_! -- for ideas. Also,
I would narrow the focus, so that a lot of Golden Age science fiction is
totally ignored -- only stuff written after 1970 would be considered with
rare exception. Even stuff after 1970 would be suspect.:)

That would be my plan. Oh. Gotta go! Fox, Disney, and Tim Warner are

Daniel Ust

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