How to win the lottery

From: John Clark (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 14:10:48 MDT

I have a modest proposal, it's a low tech way to test the Many World's
interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and as a bonus it'll make you rich too.
First you buy one lottery ticket for tomorrow's 11pm $200,000,000 drawing
then you make a simple machine that will pull the trigger on a 44 magnum
aimed at you head at exactly 11:01pm UNLESS yours is the winning ticket.
Your subjective experience can only be that at 11.01pm despite 80 million to
one odds stacked against you a miracle occurs and the gun does not go off
and you're rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Of course for every universe
you're rich in there are 80 million in which your friends watch your head explode,
but that's a minor point, your consciousness no longer exists in any of those
worlds so you never have to see the mess, it's their problem not yours.

I absolutely guarantee this will make you filthy rich, by that I mean after you
perform the experiment if you find it doesn't work as I have said all you have
to do is tell me and I will happily refund the dollar you spent for the lottery ticket.

          John K Clark

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