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Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 12:35:31 MDT

It appears as if the entity identifying itself as
/"\[ Robert-Coyote \]" <>/

|Said: "I have a limited amount of money. Since I don't have to pay for the
|software, I can use that money to upgrade my hardware instead..."
|Linux aint' free !
|Not if you factor the amount of time and mental bandwidth (property)
|required to install and implement Linux on a box, as all versions of Linux
|do not work "out of the box" and require allot of tweaking and customizing
|to make them run properly, not considering securing yer' box
|Once SOMEONE makes a Linux distro that works out of the box, (mandrake is
|close but very buggy) then Linux 'aint free.

You see, I don't charge myself so much for working for myself.
It's because my part time boss, KPJ, is such a nice guy to me.
Yeah, KPJ and I have this great job relation, you know.
Like a kind of Zen-like relation, being One with each other, and all.

So.. it's pretty free to _me_.

And this twiddling ... tweaking ... you know ... has become an Nth nature
to me ... where N is a rather large number... probably because that's what
I _do_ ... for a _living_ ... Yeah, that's the ticket!

                                - = # = -

Anyways, installing a Red Hat Linux takes me approx. 20 minutes using FTP
and a decent Internet connection. It takes somewhat longer from a CD-ROM.

Oh yes.. the CD-ROM was inside a magazine I was buying anyway.
Maybe I'll buy the glossy book with the documentation next time. Maybe.

And MS-WINDOWS? Last time I re-installed the wonderful IBM version of the
MS-WINDOWS '95 (again! since it destroyed the contents of whole hard disk,
again!), it asked for magic license numbers, killing off the whole hard
disk (could there be an operating system installed on it on some partition?
nah.. _nobody_ has that!), rebooting, and so on cavorting the whole evening.
I went to sleep after a few hours...

And in the morning Big Blue had installed a fresh MS-WINDOWS for me to play
Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri on.

So.. both MS-WINDOWS and LINUX have their merits, I guess.

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