Re:Thinking Makes It So?

From: John Calvin (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 10:17:21 MDT

Dan Fabulich Wrote:

>[I wrote this not long after reading Rorty; I never posted it. This was
>more to get my own thoughts in line than any great piece of thought.]
>I want to provide a little argument for this otherwise totally implausible
>assertion, by restricting its scope in an important respect.
>Shakespeare's quote is the anthem of what is today called "anti-realism."
>Realists about a given area of discourse are the sort of people who claim
>that certain things in the real world determine whether our sentences are
>true or false>Brent said that death is bad, and no amount of thinking differently will
>change that. This is true, but the only account of WHY it is true that we
>can give, is that we think that way. Luckily, that's all we need.
> -unless you love someone-
> -nothing else makes any sense-
> e.e. cummings
Wonderfully well written Dan, Thank you for sharing (even if it was accidental sharing), with your permission I would love to share this post with friends.

John Calvin

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