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Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 02:40:55 MDT

It appears as if Emlyn (pentacle) wrote about link

|The link below is to an article by a senior Kylix team member; they are
|moving Delphi & C++ Builder (notable Windows development environment tools)
|to Linux, and providing me with the infrastructure to reach my evil Gatesian
|tentacles into KPJ's Linux-brain-of-purity-and-love.


My reasons for preferring Linux over MS-Windows work for me,
not necessarily for anybody else.

My points for preferring Linux over MS-Windows:

  o I want full control over the programs in my cybernetic parts.
        If they don't do what I want, I can rewrite them to do what I want.
        I find reprogramming much easier having the source code available. 6-]

  o I have a limited amount of money.
        Since I don't have to pay for the software, I can use that money to
        upgrade my hardware instead.

  o Most of the MIT cyborgs use Linux, so I can re-use their software.

As you might appreciate, my reasons for preferring Linux need not be yours.
And vice versa.

"People don't buy Microsoft for quality, they buy it for compatibility
 with what Bob in accounting bought last year. Trace it back - they buy
 Microsoft because the IBM Selectric didn't suck much."
        -- P Seebach, alt.folklore.computers

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