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From: Paul Hughes (paul@planetp.cc)
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 00:11:59 MDT

Technotranscendence wrote:

> Also, we should raise standards for our expectations of TV SF. I was not
> alive when _Star Trek_ first aired, so I have no idea of what the television
> landscape was like, but there's been a lot of stuff since then. Sadly,
> though TV science fiction remains way below what it could be. How can we
> change this? Suggestions, aside from violence and destruction, would be
> appreciated.:)

I've had several ideas for a Sci-Fi show running around my brain for years now.
The first is now a bit dated, but it would primarily be a social sci-fi show.
The basic premise takes place at varying times after several hundred large-scale
Colony-Ships leave the solar system after a devastating war in the late 21st
Century. Each Colony-Ship is a large self-contained space colony of 10,000+
people centered around particular beliefs- religious, political, apolitcal,
scientific, vegetarian, etc. I was trying to think of a series that would give
the writers ample room to play around with diverse and experimental social
structures and examine possible outcomes of such beliefs.

The second show is something based on a story I've been writing for over a year
now. Without giving too much away, the show would take place after a
Singularity has occurred - that means post-uploading, post-human. The first
episode centers around one of the main characters who had himself cryonically
frozen back on Earth around 2011. He was part of a new cryonics company that
set up a self-powering cryonics system powered by geothermal variants and placed
deep underground in the Alaska wilderness. Unfortunately this facility was
completely forgotten, during a wide scale nanowar in the 2020's. Now in the
year 2075, those who made it have all become conscious software in a
solar-system wide 'matrix'. The frozen characters brain is fully scanned and
uploaded. Before reviving his consciousness his memories are scanned, and the
most suitable environment is found in which to wake him. In this case the farm
he grew up on in Colorado. The first season would take place during a
subjective year of this characters life and other conscious software that he
meets. Slowly over the series his idea and ours of what reality is will slowly
expand giving him and us a chance to adapt to life in a post-human state. By
the end of the first season, this character will still live in scapes closely
resembling earthlike conditions, but he will taking flying as the normal mode in
which to experience them and interface with this larger matrix that is this
post-human solar system wide network beginning to explore the cosmos via
traversible wormholes.

Paul Hughes

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