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From: John M Grigg (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 20:20:36 MDT

Daniel Ust stated:
Sadly,though TV science fiction remains way below what it could be. How can we
change this? Suggestions, aside from violence and destruction, would be

To put forth an extropian view of things, I would propose a show about a team of scientists and journalists who work for some sort of institute lead by a multi-billioniare who wants to steer humanity the right way as it heads toward the singularity. He is a very strong-minded optimist despite the obstacles the group encounters. You would see the characters on tv and radio at times trying to get the right memes out to prepare humanity.

The show would take place around roughly 2025, a few years before a singularity would be happening, so they would have access to incredible technologies such as nanotech, VR, genetic engineering and AI, but in the early stages. One of the main characters would be an AI. Of course, it would be important to have conflict for the sake of the story so the institute could have an evil(or just misguided) counterpart who battles them.

I envision the show almost like "Poltergeist, the Legacy" but with a transhumanistic take on things instead of a supernatural one. And of course, much better done. :)


John Grigg

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