Re: Can I kill the original?

Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 18:00:16 MDT

In a message dated 07/05/00 23:54:27 GMT Standard Time,

> > wrote: However dying
> > in such a way as to leave enough genetic copies (as a bee who dies for
> > a hive, or the mother cat dying to defend her chickens)...
> Dont ya hate it when little goofs like this one get by? We all
> know what ya meant Hal, but with the current mood on the list,
> I predict an avalanche of posts by well-meaning amateur
> comedians. {8-] spike
    There is nothing like a good spoonerism to make you chuckle. My wife
recently asked a shop assistant for a Disabled BBQ instead of a disposable
one. I think that intelect and amusement by the stupid little things tend to
go hand in hand, Or is it just me ?. ;o)


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