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Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 12:19:00 MDT

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> And I've been the retroman since I first got on the web in 1991, but
> I've never failed to identify my real identity either, and I've never
> refused to tell people where I can be contacted by mail, phone and
> email. I don't hide,

On a personal note...i think I've been EvMick (on this list) from the

I, however, don't espouse full disclosure quiet so much. For
only telephone is a cell phone....why would I want everyone to know it? It
costs me $$$ every time I use I keep it's number guarded...

I'm a little leary of "info nudity"....and the transparent society.....

I don't see how to avoid it though....for example...just these last few weeks
the latest and greatest federal beuracy......(born just the first of the
year...dealing with trucks).......has proposed putting onboard recorders on
all Commercial vehickles.....

I don't like that much....

Omaha Ne..

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