Re: Normal vs. Weird

From: John Calvin (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 20:36:55 MDT

Mike Lorrey wrote:
>However, in the 'rest of the world', especially when you are dealing
>with talk between a man and a woman, her calling the guy weird is only a
>few clicks, at most, up the scale from being called a pervert or
>degenerate, at worst, and at the least it implies "not the sort of
>person I want to get to know or might develop a freindship or other
>relationship with of any kind."

Au contraire Mike, I was a very conservative nerdy kid in high school, at least on the outside, I fit in well with normal people then though I found it hard to get a date. Round about 23 I decided to let my weirdness shine through, though I find it difficult to emulate in type the differences in the way the the word weird can be expressed I can guarantee that as often as not when a woman told me that she thought I was weird she frequently was showing interest at the same time. As a matter of fact, My wonderful wife thinks I'm weird and that is one of the reasons she married me.(Certainly not for my dashing good looks, stellar career, or genuis level intelligence that I wish I had 8).

John Calvin

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