Re: law enforcement for profit

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 17:40:55 MDT

Zero Powers wrote:

> I really had no idea that going by a nickname would cause such a ruckuss,
> especially on a list populated with people named Max More, Natasha
> Vita-More, Spudboy, Tom Morrow, etc. ...

And spike Jones! {8^D

Michael S. Lorrey wrote:
>39 Mascoma Street #3
>Lebanon, NH 03766

Since Ive been one of the yahoos advocating openness, (at least
part of the time) Im obligated to pay up in the info department...

spike "Greg" Jones
904 La Palma Place
Milpitas CA 95035

Mike I think you were too hard on Zero, tho. I know that
he did publish his first and last name on the list last time
we went thru this particular memefest, actually I think he
did so at least twice before. {8-] spike

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