Re: Spike, Hanz and Franz!

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 21:40:05 MDT

> Spike wrote:
> >Cool! By the time E5 comes around, Ill look like
> >Hans and Franz.
> john grigg wrote: Are you a little girlyman??

umm, wellll, ya, sorta. {8-[ I mean, Im hetero and all that, Im
just not the... manliest man you ever saw. However it does
have its advantages. I am looking into putting together a
wearable computer. I can carry the CPU and batteries
in the place where a chest would be in an ordinary man.

> Oh, look at the little girl!! Don't hurt yourself picking that stapler up!!

Hey buddy, you just ended a sentence with a preposition!

> I could also simply get my act together and start working out again so I am
> a little more filled out for the coming E5(got to impress all the Extro
> babes!).

Working out doesnt do a thing for me. Did so for three months,
gained 4 pounds. Lost em all in one day. Why bother? {8^D spike

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