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Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 10:31:57 MDT

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<< The problem is the definition of "crime". When any action that has no harm
 to another person is labeled a "crime", then surveillance becomes
 tyrannical. We can look forward (for example) to smokers being fined by
 mail, and as was stated earlier, a final breakdown of the "innocent until
 proven guilty" principle.
    Yes, last fall I got two tickets because the police checked my license
plate number and found me on a list of people that had no liability
insurance. They came very close together.
    Twice I hauled my insurance cards out a demostrated that I had conformed
to the law. (like a lot of people I don't clean out my glove box in a timely
fashion so I had quite a collection of insurance cards)
    Twice I got a ticket anyway.
    Twice I went into court with a letter from the relevant authority saying
I was innocent. I had never been without insurance.
    Twice the Judges sat there with the evidence before them and tried to
angle me into admitting guilt even though there was no prosecuting evidence
against me. "No your Honor, I have received no other tickets." "No, your
Honor there are no dents or scrapes on my car. It hasn't even been washed."
    Oh yes, in this jurisdiction driving without libility insurance carries a
hefty fine.
Ron H.

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