Re: law enforcement for profit

From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 06:25:13 MDT

At 10:42 PM 5/4/00 -0700, spike wrote:

>On a slightly lighter note, I have noticed how kids dont
>drag race anymore. Mike, I am a few years older
>than you, so I recall drag real racing. {8-] Since kids
>dont drag, people now make a habit of running red lights,
>a habit that never presented itself back in the days when
>running a red light *could* result in being T-boned by
>two roaring hotrods.

Around here (Chicago) they sure haven't stopped! The big difference is that
the racers today don't have classic hotrods modified for racing. They are
more likely to be nailing the throttle in Mommy's Voyager or BMW.

The red light here is ignored by as many as five drivers in a line now. Per
lane. Traffic sometimes takes almost ten seconds to peter out before the
opposing direction can start.

The hot thing around here now is aggressive tailgating and weaving. The
expressways during medium traffic are worst. I am surprised that I have not
seen more fatal accidents - a testimony to the reaction times of most
drivers, I guess.

Three intersections locally now have what appears to be cameras mounted
above each center lane signal. There has been no public announcement as to
these being for surveillance, and from the angle they are mounted at, it
looks like they would have a hard time capturing driver's images and
license plates. Perhaps an image processing traffic light controller?

Chuck Kuecker

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