Transhuman "Country" Humor

From: Vita-More, Natasha (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 12:28:25 MDT

Dolly Parton-what a breath of fresh air! It's pleasantly ironic to know she
has "transhuman" qualities-if not by the various augmentations,
modifications and upgrading of her human form, than certainly in her humor:

Hosting last night's Academy of Country Music Awards by commented about
herself (s):

"We're both 35 years old. Well, parts of me are anyway," she said at last
night's televised Academy of Country Music Awards. Which parts? She later
cracked that she would never "graduate from collagen." (Although it's fully
known that she most assuredly graduated at the top 1% from the Academy of
Business Moguls.)

Now, Country & Western music isn't my favorite beat-it's techno and blues
that stir my fire, but the shear beauty of Shania Twain is spellbinding and
so is the crafty way she crossed over into pop/rock; not to mention and
Dolly Parton's song "I Will Always Love You" which is utterly moving while
sung by Whitney Houston or Parton. I like the down-home manner of some of
Country's folk and it is a welcomed contrast to some of Rap's monotone
blanderings and full-sized gyrating asses ensconcing the camera's

I enjoy at least a few riffs from just about every sound. But what I enjoy
the most, at least at this moment, is the melodious laughter that pours out
of me when I experiences a sense of humor in the midst of our transhuman
mutation-whichever part.


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