OT: GUNS: Re: Smart Pistols

From: James Rogers (jamesr@best.com)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 06:25:25 MDT

On Thu, 04 May 2000, Chuck Kuecker wrote:
> 10mm Model 20 and 9mm Model 19 - one misfire on the 10 in over 1000 rounds
> of reloaded ammo, since then I have learned NOT to lube the firing pin...

The Glock 9mm have an excellent reputation for reliability. The other
caliber Glocks, while reliable, have a more "average" reliability track
record caused largely by parts breakage (e.g. trigger bar) and
occasional mis-feeds in the larger calibers (esp. 45ACP). Nonetheless, I
still own a Glock or two and none are a 9mm.

I have seriously been thinking about picking up a G20 for trail use,

> When my daughter tried a Model 17, she was not getting reliable feeding.
> The second round would cock up and jam between the slide and chamber.
> Turned out her wrist and hand were flying back under the recoil, and the
> slide was not going back far enough. The shorter grip on the 17 altered the
> system just enough to ruin the recoil of the slide.

Glocks are famous for their sensitivity to limp-wristing. I've never had
a problem with mine, but I've seen others (especially women) experience
this with Glocks. On the other hand, I've seen some semi-autos that
appear to be impervious to limp-wristing. YMMV.

-James Rogers

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