RE: COM/DCOM on Linux via EntireX (was Working Within the System)

From: Billy Brown (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 08:59:22 MDT

Emlyn (pentacle) wrote:
> Please don't taunt me with COM+; I really need them asynchronous goodies
> right about now.

Well, you know, you don't actually have to have Windows 2000 to do
asynchronous components. You can use MSMQ (included in the NT Option Pack)
to send asynchronous messages to a component, and it usually isn't hard to
package your parameters as strings in the message body. This is actually
what Win2K asynchronous components do anyway, behind the scenes - they just
wrap up MSMQ with components that handle the packing & unpacking for you,
and deal with some incidental problems like dead letters.

Billy Brown

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