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From: Chuck Kuecker (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 05:29:30 MDT

At 08:29 PM 5/3/00 -0700, Zero wrote:

>I've got two Glock "self-loaders" (10mm and .40 cal.) and they've both
>proven just as reliable as my wife's Colt .357 revolver -- nary a jam in
>the bunch. The Glocks will tend to misfire when using the reloads at my
>local firing range, but I chalk this up to the quality (or lack thereof)
>of the reloads. I've had no such problems with "out of the box"
>rounds. Heck the Glock manuals even tell you not to use reloads (but I'm
>a big cheapskate at heart).

10mm Model 20 and 9mm Model 19 - one misfire on the 10 in over 1000 rounds
of reloaded ammo, since then I have learned NOT to lube the firing pin...

When my daughter tried a Model 17, she was not getting reliable feeding.
The second round would cock up and jam between the slide and chamber.
Turned out her wrist and hand were flying back under the recoil, and the
slide was not going back far enough. The shorter grip on the 17 altered the
system just enough to ruin the recoil of the slide. A problem never seen
with a revolver. The Model 19 works fine. So far, I have not tried target
loads in the 9mm.

Reloading a revolver rapidly is a process that requires lots of practice,
while installing a new magazine is quick and simple. You still need to
remember to jack in that first round...

Chuck Kuecker

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