Re: Minds, Machines, and the Multiverse

Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 23:00:03 MDT

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<< Exactly - it's like thinking you could emulate a P2 on a P2 and end up with
 something faster. The implication therefore is that you can't model the whole
 universe in anything smaller than the whole universe, which is why I don't
 understand why someone would claim you could simulate everything with a star.
 Given the constraint of perfect fidelity (if indeed that means anything),
 which paradigm you work in is just a bookkeeping issue.
 -matt >>
My guess is that to emulate the cosmos, one need not simulate itself, entire;
but merely the effects to varied observers. Gravity need only to behave as
if it is one G, to 6-10 billion of earth's inhabitants(proggies); and not
actually manifest itself physically. Closer to last year's movie The 13th
Floor. Or as the expert said; Heck I dunno.

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